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Worried Your Ideas Would Get Stolen?

While ideas do sometimes get stolen, it doesn't happen as often as you'd think, and it's something that worries beginner writers much more than experienced professionals. (What follows is a very general guide to the legal situation, but if are concerned, as with any...

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Movie/Drama Ministers please take note! After suffering an epic defeat, satan (creation's enemy) left (fled from) Jesus for a more opportune time, scripture tells us. Satan's strategy in spiritual warfare against the Believers hasn't changed. He is still very much in...

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Movie Review

BEYOND NATURAL EYE  - (Film Review) By Desiree Wisekal (Christian Film Database, LLC.)   This is a story about temptation, trust and prayer, with a great message for those seeking marriage.  Here were some highlights: When God closes one door, he opens another….....

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Although not yet attained, our key aim at TNM Ministry is to continue steadfastly in yielding to the converting power of God’s law (His Word), knowing Christ and making Him known. We long to first be seen as (drama or movie) Ministers before we are seen as (drama or...

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Has it occurred to us that we are all inadvertently movie stars - taking part in a movie production that no existing blockbuster can ever outshine? Yes, we are all co-stars in God’s Movie - The Movie of Life. In Revelations 4:11, scripture says thus: “Thou art worthy,...

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