Although not yet attained, our key aim at TNM Ministry is to continue steadfastly in yielding to the converting power of God’s law (His Word), knowing Christ and making Him known. We long to first be seen as (drama or movie) Ministers before we are seen as (drama or movie) Actors. This is not merely in terms of title but of deeds. For whoever acts through the ministry of drama is indirectly a minister of the Word/Gospel albeit through visuals, and it is the deeds that give a true definition. By their fruits, they shall be known!

Why were the Christians so called, in Antioch? The first time that a group of people saw the disciples of Jesus and labelled them ‘Christians’ was for no other reason than their deeds. The disciples lived, breathed, healed, loved, forgave, oozed out divine power, talked, behaved, and maybe even walked like Christ, so no other befitting description would the Antiochians use other than ‘Christians’.

What are we being called today, and why? What are we oozing today in our daily walk with the Lord? More specifically, in our respective kingdom assignments and ministries, be it drama, choir, ushering, prophetic, teaching, pastoring, and so on; what virtues are we oozing or failing to let live?

When you act based on your gift, people may applaud you; but is God applauding you on account of how you have allowed the unction of His anointing to function through you?

Gift is but a shadow of the real deal – the Anointing! Yes, Gift only bears a semblance of the Anointing but is not the same as it. Everyone can be gifted enough to duplicate an act, but not everyone can duplicate the ‘anointing’.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit is what makes the difference in any ministry. Seek therefore the sure anointing of God more than the misleading approval and deleterious applause of men. Human approval is ephemeral and can fade without even a prior hint of departure, but anointing is lasting!

The anointing can turn a simple drama or movie into a power machine that breaks and converts souls. That is where we want to be at TNM, and that is where you should desire to be as well in your life and ministry.

As inferred from 2 Timothy 4:5, let us DO the work of the ministry, and quit the mere acting!



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