Movie/Drama Ministers please take note!

After suffering an epic defeat, satan (creation’s enemy) left (fled from) Jesus for a more opportune time, scripture tells us. Satan’s strategy in spiritual warfare against the Believers hasn’t changed. He is still very much in the business of seeking that ‘opportune time’, which calls for soberness and vigilance on our part.

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When it seems like you have overcome, and it seems like there is no more waylaying by spiritual oppositions and it appears that you can finally take a breather; well, sorry to crash in on your party, but the enemy only runs away for a while and like a crafty serpent will attempt a come-back after he has sought a more opportune time.

It is very easy and tempt
ing to relax after any victory, but real conquerors as the Spirit of God ministers to me are those who win ONE battle and ready themselves in case of ANOTHER. Yes, our moments of overcoming should be a time to get deeper with

the Lord and stay guarded; certainly not the time to fold our arms, sit idle and relax; for he who thinks he stands should take heed lest he falls (1 Cor 10:12).

Indeed, it is by the power of God that we are standing but the fact that ‘standers’ are the devil’s major target makes it crucial that we don’t wallow


 in undue gloating. We must realise that every victory must be accompanied with further sensitivity in the Spirit, which is the ‘taking heed’ part; for the enemy knows that it is more painful and the rippling effect more resounding when a man or woman falls from a position of strength, therefore an opportune time he will seek. Yes, he will war against every risen giant within us. GOOD NEWS is that no matter how many times he keeps coming back like an unrestrained animal, God guarantees our victory always (Psa. 34:19, Jas 4:7, Isa. 54:17).

Overcoming the battles of life 

is the lot of every believer, but spiritual strategy must be in place. Knowing who the real enemy is will help us to identify what kind of battle we are in, and knowing the battle in which we are in will help us implement the right strategies through the word of God. More importantly, also, knowing the God you carry daily will give you undeniable victory and hope (Dan 11:32).

Since we are constantly on the (spiritual) battlefront as ministers in drama and films, we must develop a personal, prolonged, Anti-Sunday-Only relationship with the Holy Spirit. For in such alliance is true REST and VICTORY.



As drama ministers, these true words should not be far from our heart; seeing that our service itself is spiritual warfare. As I am always fond of saying: WE OUGHT TO FIRST BEMINISTERS BEFORE WE ARE ACTORS!

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