Movie/Drama Ministers please take note!

After suffering an epic defeat, satan (creation’s enemy) left (fled from) Jesus for a more opportune time, scripture tells us. Satan’s strategy in spiritual warfare against the Believers hasn’t changed. He is still very much in the business of seeking that ‘opportune time’, which calls for soberness and vigilance on our part.

When it seems like you have overcome, and it seems like there is no more waylaying by spiritual oppositions and it appears that you can finally take a breather; well, sorry to crash in on your party, but the enemy only runs away for a while and like a crafty serpent will attempt a come-back after he has sought a more opportune time.

It is very easy and tempt
ing to relax after any victory, but real conquerors as the Spirit of God ministers to me are those who win ONE battle and ready themselves in case of ANOTHER. Yes, our moments of overcoming should be a time to get deeper with

the Lord and stay guarded; certainly not the time to fold our arms, sit idle and relax; for he who thinks he stands should take heed lest he falls (1 Cor 10:12).

Indeed, it is by the power of God that we are standing but the fact that ‘standers’ are the devil’s major target makes it crucial that we don’t wallow


 in undue gloating. We must realise that every victory must be accompanied with further sensitivity in the Spirit, which is the ‘taking heed’ part; for the enemy knows that it is more painful and the rippling effect more resounding when a man or woman falls from a position of strength, therefore an opportune time he will seek. Yes, he will war against every risen giant within us. GOOD NEWS is that no matter how many times he keeps coming back like an unrestrained animal, God guarantees our victory always (Psa. 34:19, Jas 4:7, Isa. 54:17).

Overcoming the battles of life 

is the lot of every believer, but spiritual strategy must be in place. Knowing who the real enemy is will help us to identify what kind of battle we are in, and knowing the battle in which we are in will help us implement the right strategies through the word of God. More importantly, also, knowing the God you carry daily will give you undeniable victory and hope (Dan 11:32).

Since we are constantly on the (spiritual) battlefront as ministers in drama and films, we must develop a personal, prolonged, Anti-Sunday-Only relationship with the Holy Spirit. For in such alliance is true REST and VICTORY.



As drama ministers, these true words should not be far from our heart; seeing that our service itself is spiritual warfare. As I am always fond of saying: WE OUGHT TO FIRST BEMINISTERS BEFORE WE ARE ACTORS!



Although not yet attained, our key aim at TNM Ministry is to continue steadfastly in yielding to the converting power of God’s law (His Word), knowing Christ and making Him known. We long to first be seen as (drama or movie) Ministers before we are seen as (drama or movie) Actors. This is not merely in terms of title but of deeds. For whoever acts through the ministry of drama is indirectly a minister of the Word/Gospel albeit through visuals, and it is the deeds that give a true definition. By their fruits, they shall be known!

Why were the Christians so called, in Antioch? The first time that a group of people saw the disciples of Jesus and labelled them ‘Christians’ was for no other reason than their deeds. The disciples lived, breathed, healed, loved, forgave, oozed out divine power, talked, behaved, and maybe even walked like Christ, so no other befitting description would the Antiochians use other than ‘Christians’.

What are we being called today, and why? What are we oozing today in our daily walk with the Lord? More specifically, in our respective kingdom assignments and ministries, be it drama, choir, ushering, prophetic, teaching, pastoring, and so on; what virtues are we oozing or failing to let live?

When you act based on your gift, people may applaud you; but is God applauding you on account of how you have allowed the unction of His anointing to function through you?

Gift is but a shadow of the real deal – the Anointing! Yes, Gift only bears a semblance of the Anointing but is not the same as it. Everyone can be gifted enough to duplicate an act, but not everyone can duplicate the ‘anointing’.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit is what makes the difference in any ministry. Seek therefore the sure anointing of God more than the misleading approval and deleterious applause of men. Human approval is ephemeral and can fade without even a prior hint of departure, but anointing is lasting!

The anointing can turn a simple drama or movie into a power machine that breaks and converts souls. That is where we want to be at TNM, and that is where you should desire to be as well in your life and ministry.

As inferred from 2 Timothy 4:5, let us DO the work of the ministry, and quit the mere acting!





Has it occurred to us that we are all inadvertently movie stars – taking part in a movie production that no existing blockbuster can ever outshine? Yes, we are all co-stars in God’s Movie – The Movie of Life.
In Revelations 4:11, scripture says thus: “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”
In view of the above scripture, God is the Executive Producer of our lives and the movie we star in (The Movie of Life). He is the Grand Director of the part/roles we play in the movie.
He is not only the Executive Producer and Director (calling the shot and guiding us to be the best we can be in the movie of life), but the Script writer (who Wills us to do what He pleases), the Gaffer (who ensures that everything is in place and that we turn out good in our part of the movie), and also the Camera man (who watches and captures our every move in His Omnipresence and Omniscience).
Now let us have a momentary pause, and think.
Since God calls the shot, do we TRUST Him enough?
Since God is the one who can truly guide us through life, do we YIELD enough?
Since He decides what life’s portions to mete out to us in accordance with His purpose, do we contentedly ACCEPT enough?
Since God knows and shows what is best for us, do we COOPERATE enough?
Since God watches our every move, do we tread in AWE enough?
Since God captures our every step with nothing hidden to Him, do we FEAR Him enough?
One of the biggest frustrations of any movie Producer and Director is to have un-cooperative, hard-headed, negative, and unteachable cast/crew. Conversely, a cooperative, teachable, positive, humble and yielding crew member is the delight of movie bosses I would bet.
Will you decide today, to purge yourself from the former; remaining fit and suitable for the Master’s use?
Don’t let another take your place in God’s Movie, which all mankind will inevitably star in – not only in this present age but till eternity. “Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.” – Revelations 3:11
Larry Bammeke, From the Diaries of TNM (2017)

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